Effective Steps In Producing A Low Budget Music Video

There are several strategies labels, artists, and talent management brands like dibehq employ in creating increased publicity for an artiste’s creativity. These strategies are expected to boost the image and recognition of an artist while at the same time attempting to stimulate a wide audience to accept such unique music creation. 

One of the methods in achieving this objective is a music video production. However, in Nigeria, it is very difficult to even gather funds for music promotion on websites, radio, TV, magazines not to mention making a music video. For those who are lucky to find an honorable record label, they might not understand the essence of this article. But you grab because you can not afford to invest inappropriately and when you do; it has to be wisely done as there is mostly not much to do more. 

While you think so many other music promotion strategies are paramount, making a music video should take up priority too. Because you gain more ground when listeners can match a face to that awesome track or album heard on the radio when they probably missed the OAP’s announcement of the artist’s name every time the song comes on or possibly that they couldn’t get the correct spelling of your name in an attempt to see who you are online.

Yes, this article has come in handy. Since you are presently considering making a music video but restricted in terms of resources, support, and endorsement. However, you need to understand that a good idea and a competent team with excellent ideas and skills; are very paramount in your decision to make a music video at any point in your music career irrespective of how low or huge your budget is. So, if you have those two and follow the tips below nothing stops you from making a music video that is up to the mark without breaking your planned budget.

Draw The Game Plan

You are not going to be paying crew members or others who show interest in supporting this project. Therefore, you have to be organized as a way to save everyone’s time and the number of days they would have to sacrifice in making this music video. Besides if you are going to end up renting some equipment, extending the days and time for the music video production can be budget wrecking for you. Everyone benefits from a detailed game plan. Lack of planning on how the music video will be created can affect the level of performance, concentration, and outcome. This is where you would need;

The music video storyboard.  There are several templates of the music storyboard you and your squad can use when creating a music video yourself and with little or no assistance. The storyboard helps you to arrange the plots of your video in the order you want. And it also provides you with the opportunity to ruminate thoroughly and write comprehensively the focus and content of each scene.  There are several templates online for you to use by typing: music video storyboard in google search. The music video storyboard helps you come up adequately with the things you would need and explain your video concept easily to your squad. 

After the music storyboard has been thoroughly dealt with, you should itemize the equipment you would need and the members you need on your team. When discussing your plan with the other band members, the storyboard makes it easy for you to share the places and time each person will be needed. This is because of the music video storyboard characteristic of allowing you to draw out major and minor scenes. It is not as scary as it seems when you download the various free templates online. 

The video making crew shares form your inspiration and dream. They are the ones you can confide in when it comes to discussing the song to be used for the music video. Also, they are there to help protect that idea. Over time, based on our experience in this area as we have photographers, video content producers on our talent management row; we advise that the music you select should not be a forthcoming or new track. The selected song for the music video could be a song you released in the past with wide acceptance and publicity among your fans. Or a song that has been scheduled for release in the future. It is really time-consuming making music videos especially when it is a low budget. So you want to select a song that has no uncertainties surrounding it and you have a full understanding of it. 

Additionally, especially for music bands, it is important to select a song that can bring out real expressions from the artist or band members. Even the best music video producers in the world will have an issue creating a music standard video when the song selected for the video is not one that “gingers[increases the morales or inspires” the artist or all of the band members. 

In a time of Instagram TV on a social media platform where most of your audience is more likely to spend their time as they social distance; music video is not negotiable. 


Usually, you won’t have to worry about this yourself if you paid Clarence Peters to make your music video. But you are creating this music video based on your own ideas without expert knowledge or [financial] resources to work with. So, you need to create a team that is skillful, objective, competent, and reliable. Your squad should be friends and family members may be acquaintances that have proved to be loyal and had your backs in several times of difficulties without complaint of lack or insufficient reward in the past. You need individuals who are reasonable and passionate about what you do as you might not be able to reward them for all that effort as they would expect. 

Roles of the squad members;

Now that you have gathered a squad together, each member on the team should know their responsibilities. The responsibilities should be vividly explained to each individual. You should have: 

camera person who records the different images based on discretion and instructions from the director. The camera person can be one or more depending on the number of volunteers available.

the director is the one with the overall responsibility in the music video-making process. This could be you or the bandleader. Or you can decide to appoint another individual in the crew as the video director. 

The video director has been given the whole concept of the music video. He or she then takes charge in control and general monitoring of the music video shoot. Mostly, an individual is sufficient for the director role. 

These two positions majorly determine the outcome of the music video. Therefore, they should be great communicators, have eyes for details and be organized. Their ability determines the effectiveness of : 

the lightning person who is needed for all [indoor] captures. The graphics designer and photographer are also vital unless you can afford to pay someone to help you with that. 

These individuals will be the low budget video making crew with more responsibilities and support to contribute to ensuring the music video is a success. They will be the ones you have worked with on different projects before and can trust their judgments, creativity, including commitments. Fortunately for you, forming a crew can be less daunting if you are in a band. Each band member will be tasked to drop representatives and because the band members have a stake in the gains to come; they will definitely want to get the best man to be as part of the team. 

Source Equipments And Facilities

Because you are working on a low budget, you would need to find ways to get supplies like camera, light, and other video making gears yourself. One of the ways you can do this is to ensure that the members of your squad are people who beyond skills and competence also possess basic tools you can utilize. Smartphones are also a very good alternative to the very expensive equipment that you can’t rent or buy on your already insufficient budget. People with the best brand cell phones such as iPhone, Samsung, etc can be given the role of camera persons. Or asked humbly to allow the camera person to use their smartphones. You can also decide to request a partnership with a local or international store that deals in video making gadgets. You offer them promotions or publicity in exchange for using their types of equipment but you should consider developing your followership before attempting such. 

Location And Filming

I know you might mind being allowed to shoot your music video at Quilox or Aso Rock. But you don’t have that capacity. Therefore, observe your environment and see how that museum, sculpture, newspaper vendor shop, amongst others, can be used creatively. You should also consider the natural setting and weather. You won’t always get the kind of location you want when you are making a low budget music video. With skillful and competent crew members you can manipulate or add extra images that will make the location look close to what you would have used. 

Before the day of filming, you or the band needs to be prepared for the stress that comes with doing things yourself. Every other person is there to support but the whole process of supervision, control, and management lie on you. There are times when participants will disappoint or annoy you. All of that and more should be anticipated and well prepared for. That is the price you have to pay when you are working on little finances and aim to maximize the time of others. There are parts of the filming volunteers might refuse to handle like the editing of the video which maybe because of the level of difficulty. You or one of the band members should be ready to fill such positions. 

This is exactly why it is advisable to ask for the support of people who have proven themselves to be committed to your course over time. 

Prepare for your parts well. This might require weeks of dance rehearsals, stunt practice, costume designing, etc. You don’t want to be the one delaying the volunteers. Too much time should not be exhausted on a scene because there will be an opportunity to retake scenes. Adhere strictly to the music video storyboard template or ensure that the agreed concept is followed strictly. But make sure to communicate with the team immediately and quickly before making any changes to the story, casting, etc. 

Involve Friends

You probably added most of your friends to the music video making crew. However, there are several others who will be willing to be video vixens, waka pass, etc for free. Interested fans or friends who follow you on social media could be part of the extras, actors, or dancers. 

Creating a music video does not depend on how much you have but the level of creativity and the other essential factors mentioned above. As long as you follow these tips, avoid overusing special effects, and overdoing camera zooming; you are on your way to success. iMovie, Apple Final Cut, are some of the video editing software that can be used based on the smartphone or devices you own. Your computer system and smart devices might be able to edit the film footage but the space available in such devices matter as some of these video editing software consumes a lot of storage memory. 

Finally, make sure that the final music video is created in the appropriate format based on where you hope to submit it to or use it in; MP4 is best for online streaming and downloads while DVDs are still accepted by TVs. Remember to create as much awareness as you can around the music video both online and offline. 

PS: You most definitely will encounter security guards or personnel that will come to disturb you, the advice is this – You need to know someone wherever it is you are shooting or at least someone who knows, makes inquires before time, ask your network, you’ll be shocked you have people in your network who are well connected. A familiar face to this external personnel or security guys will take you a long way in managing them in these kinds of situations.

In case you ever make a music video yourself, send it to us and we will love to share you and your team’s creative [low budget] music video. 

Remember to stay safe and wise.

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