Impact Of Good Photography On Your Music Career

Many exceptional artists are still underground because they have failed to realize that photography largely influences their personality and success as a musician like many other marketing strategies. 

“Most of the classic and globally celebrated musicians such as Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, etc have won more fans as a result of their sensational, meaningful, and powerful images.”

These images are distinctive in their own style. Because they are exclusive to meet the taste of these artists’ personalities, songs and the expectations of their followers. 

Truly. Like Ken Johnson said in one of his articles in the New York Times; 

“ you can’t be a star if you don’t have an image.” 

The image means a picture that you utilize in carving the kind of identity you want your fans to have of you. So, as you develop, mature, and probably transition from one genre to another; the kind of image you share with the public continues to determine your overall success as a star or an upcoming artist. 

A picture is worth a thousand words. But according to Misha Vladimirskiy, a (good) picture

“…could also be worth a thousand streams.”

 If bad photos are all you have on the different online and offline platforms; you can lose streams and followers. Even your fans cannot be proud to download those “shitty” images and share them. It becomes even harder when you don’t have more than one or two images that are also poorly taken without precise resolution.

Additionally, bad images can lead to bad publicity. This happens when there are little or no quality, well illuminated, and confident photos of you to use. The only option is to use the same image(s) which many journalists, bloggers, media houses would not love to do. Most people, especially the press, believe they would get the best of you or your group’s photo from the different online platforms. And the last thing you want to do as an artist or band is having images on your Instagram or websites that are not fit enough to be used on the TV, Magazines, Blog posts, etc.

Therefore, when you go for shows or intend to have photoshoots; it is beyond just taking a few pictures and uploading them on your Instagram, Facebook, etc. Images taken as a professional artist should have a professional visual impression with the potential to gain awareness by the press. 

Generally, the quality and impact an image has in the development of your music career is mainly determined by the photographer, settings, tools, and photographic exposure. When it comes to taking shots of an artist, a band,  or talents in a record label; bad images become the result of lack of creativity, coordination, positioning, and composition (C. C.P.C). Coordination, and positioning, are very important factors to consider when a photographer is taking the images of a band. But the artists or the band members also have to be composed. It is harder when one or more people are involved in a photoshoot. So, it is important that there is appropriate preparation before the photoshoot, positioning during, and organization which can be included before, during, and after. You don’t want your picture looking like a graduation shot or wedding image. 

Since that image or picture has the power to win or make you lose fans. It is important that you seek the services of the best photographers. However, the best photographers usually are not the most expensive or famous ones. 

Remember that not everyone with a camera is a photographer.

Thus, if your photography will have a positive effect on your music career, consider the following;

Employ the services of an expert;

Yes, we are presently living in a world where almost everyone has a smartphone with the features to take pictures. But that does not mean everyone with a smartphone has [enough] skill and experience to produce an image that will capture your audience. It is also not advisable that you take pictures yourself because smartphones and cameras now have timers. The most recommended advice is to employ the services of a photographer. At dibehq, we have skillful, competent, and experienced photographers that can give the kind of image you need. Ohh you didn’t think we’ll sell our market too 🙂

Converse with the photographer. The photographer should be selected on the basis that they understand your style. Engage the individual in a conversation and see if he/she is someone you can work with. Also, check the level of ideas they have and the quality of suggestions as regards the photoshoot. Create time for adequate conversation as a way to know properly who you plan to be working with. This individual could be an upcoming or popular photographer as the case might be. 

Be Explicit;

During the conversation and evaluation of the photographer which should happen before the photoshoot; ensure that your needs are clearly stated. The best photographers will ask and respect your ideas not because you are paying them but because you have more to lose. And when your ideas don’t go well with them, they are still creative and proficient to give you what you desire. They won’t force or compel you to wear and do poses you don’t want all because it is a trend that might not suit your personality or resonate well with your fans. This is why you need to meet before giving them the job so you both know how to integrate your ideas without anyone snapping or being disrespected on the day of the photoshoot. 

Be Real

The days are far behind us when artists have to put on makeup or costumes that they are not comfortable with. When most of these images are published, fans can see it all over the faces of the artists that have been forced to do that style or wear that cloth. Your photoshoot makes more impact when you are comfortable with everything. Photoshoots should be easy, soothing, and less complicated. And the only way that can be achieved is when you work with a photographer, manager, or label that allows you to be yourself.  Or else you will regret the decision in the long run. 

The impact your photography will have on your music career is not dependent on trends. Also, employing the services of famous or expensive photographers is not an absolute factor too. Being unique, applying common sense, and being yourself will go a long way to make your photographs influence the expansion of your music career: long term.

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