New Single Out? Here are Promotional Strategies To Consider

It has been established that we are in an age of EPs and single tracks.

Artistes like Joeboy, Fireboy, Oxlade, and your favourite artiste understand this fact and their careers have boomed off from a single track that was released at the beginning of their careers which has turned them to “King” among their fans and respective genre of music.  

They don’t seem to be just okay with the fame they already have. It’s obvious that if they continue utilising the current promotion and advertising strategies merged with new ones as time goes on; these artists will further develop into legends.

“The potential of achieving all of that started from the potential of an exceptional single track.

Note: An exceptional single track that was strategically released and promoted. 

Dibehq has been in the music talent management business for a long time now. So, we understand the power of a single song. 

Before The Single Track is Released And Promoted.

Know the type of track you are releasing; 

Your single track doesn’t have to be a new song you just recorded (without the intention of adding it to an EP or using it as a lead on for an album). It can be a song you were featured in or one that you featured another artiste in; like the Naira Marley song mentioned as examples in these articles. It can be a strategic re-release of a song from an Album you’ve previously released. 

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Moreover, it could be that during your studio session, you did a recording that was awesome. Promote it or fortunately, you collaborated with another artiste, DJ, or producer; you can choose to release and promote the dopest song from that project. It could be your cover on another artist’s song like Falz (This is Nigeria) did with Childish Gambino’s “This Is America”. 

“The single track could be a lead single from your forthcoming EP or a bonus track from your previously released EP or Album “

Note: one of the most important things is that the single track is produced with so much proficiency that it can further keep you in the sight of the audience. 

Note; release singles that are not too long- 3 minutes at least. Also ensure that they do not contain too much vulgarity. As these factors have the determining power of affecting how people share your single track, that’s if it’s not banned. You don’t want that kind of image or reputation as an upcoming especially. 

Remember that based on how long your song is and the language you use, your single track might not be allowed in some music distribution platforms. Also, some platforms might not accept the song as part of an EP or LP later on. These elements could also limit the kind of blogs, radio, or TV stations your single track is displayed, aired, or music video played on. Thereby limiting the effectiveness of your song promotion and the revenue you get in return. 

The capability of Music Crew;

Quickly, it is important to note that the competence of your team (the inner circle) matters for the successful promotion of that single song. So starting off, you need to make sure the song you have selected for promotion is produced, recorded, and mixed to the best of your label’s or team’s abilities. 

Artiste Mastery of Artistry;

Also, you as the artiste need to make sure the song displays to the maximum your prowess and mastery of your artistry. The level of your musical skill or talent will determine how the promoted song is received by the music communities around the world.

From @dibehq on Instagram

You and your team’s ability in the vocal dexterity, delivery, production, recording, and mixing will determine how successful this single track is. 

“Team’s expertise in music promotion and advertising is not  enough.

How satisfying old and new fans are of the single song after freely downloading, streaming, or buying it will greatly determine how they react to your next single track promotion. Or your EP and Album as the case may be. 

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Genius Quality;

You want to make sure it is of a “genius quality” or else you end up losing the loyalty of your fans(if the single track isn’t the first you will release). Low-quality single tracks can promotionally impact your own career negatively. 

“Because now that this track doesn’t exceed the standard of the competition like the capability of the promotional strategy, it becomes hard to get people to even check out your next single song as they want to assume that it would be “wackier” than the previous singles.”

Promoting a song means a lot of people especially new are going to become freshly introduced to your musical ability. So, the first few seconds when they play your song tell if they will buy, stream, or even download it. 

“Furthermore, promotion doesn’t mean everyone who sees the advert will buy the song. 


Promotion and advertisement is simply publicity that informs or reminds people about (to listen to) it.”

Therefore, you might only get 10-20 maybe 50-100persons to buy, stream, and download your [first] single track. But, their satisfaction with what they hear is what will motivate them to tell friends and family members. And soonest before you know; “…you go be legend oh!” in Oxlade voice.

Additionally, promotion and adverts create awareness about you as an artist. Yes people seeing the song poster, online graphics, social media hype, interview: MTV Base, Trace, Soundcity,etc., Dibehq mentions, or the promotion of that (new) single track everywhere will eventually cause them to buy, stream, or download. That’s good! 

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Nonetheless, the greatest thing you need to know is that the competency of your team and your own proficiency is what will sustain the listening, and phone space the musical community will give or sacrifice for you including the success of that single track after downloads or streams. 

So, do you think your song has been mastered and is of genius quality? 

Great! You have selected the best single song from your portfolio. You are ready to go. But wait; 

You are not the only artist who knows about the trending advantage of releasing a single track on SoundCloud, Amazon, iTunes, … So, it is not as simple as just uploading on the different distribution platforms

Have A Promotional Structure

You need to “chillax” to draft and plan the groundwork on how you are going to do it. 

“The promotional draft should be capable of hyping the song for at least two months before it is released.”

Moreover, having a promotional design or structure lets you decide on the platforms you will use to market the track and the resources you will need to execute the objective. For instance, if you are considering social media ads, you will need financial resources. If you are considering content marketing on your blogs or social media platforms, you would need to prepare beforehand catchy articles and text. You need to know which will go before the other and how long one would last before introducing the next advertising strategy. What kind of Visual would be used; artworks, graphics, etc. Who or how will they be produced? 

Design A Distributive Technique

Where, when, and how can your fans get your song on the different distribution strategies. How do you attract press attractions? Where fans get your song can determine how much you make from it and how to expand your music career! 

If you decide to make your song available for free downloads, you should ensure that the very popular websites like just NaijaLoaded, TooXclusive, etc have the songs. Better still, you can create your own website (if you don’t have one already) so people can download the song for free there with the benefit of increasing your traffic and getting people to subscribe for newsletters. Via the subscription you have access to their emails which can be used in the future to promote your album or EPs. Most importantly, having your own website means you don’t have to pay the other websites to make your music available for free downloads. 

Note: it is better to have your website running effectively, adequately updated, and upgraded before you decide to use the “your own website” strategy. 

If you decide to make the song available solely for purchase and streaming; you need to consider the music distribution channel where you have more followers or one that can bring in more revenue. It’s not a bad strategy to have it on all music distribution platforms too. Like iTunes, Audiomack, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc. 

“Another very wise move is to make your song available for free on one/two platforms and for sale on the other(s).”

Create Additional visuals For The Single

Apart from the graphics and images to be used in promoting the song; it is even wiser to have already created the video to the single track before releasing it to the public or promoting it. 

“Music experts have reported that 2020 is the year of music videos.”

Also, the music business is all about gaining and sustaining the attention of your audience. Although the attention is short span which explains why short length videos gain more streams and views on YouTube, IGTV, … than the 4 minutes long ones. 

So, while the single track attracts the attention of the audience, the video of the song can further sustain it. 

You can start with the release of 10-30seconds videos on IG, Facebook, etc. Which is then followed by a full video for the song. The most interesting and catchy part of the single track can be used to create the short length videos. 

Note: it is more advisable to release the single track first before the music video. Dropping the music video first already gave them the feel both audio and visual meaning there isn’t much to anticipate as regards that single track. 

After the points above have been taken care of, you should go ahead and release your single track. 

But evaluate your plans again. 

If you plan to drop an EP or Album not too long after the release of the single track; then you should consider a lead single or deeper dive. These are the two types of tracks that can be strategically used to prepare the mood of the fans for what’s coming. It also keeps you in the mind of the audience while perfecting the production, mixing, videos, photoshoot, marketing strategy of your forthcoming EPs, or Albums. 


“When” your single track is released or promoted should be intelligently calculated and evaluated. This is what artists like Naira Marley used more than twice: during the time of preparing for last year’s world cup( Issa Goal ft Olamide) and at a time when he was trending (Yahoo boy ft Zlatan and Soapy [Inside life]). The timing was perfect for the song to be released and the music production and artist delivery was top notch. He did not leave us any choice but to make the song blow.

When the release is properly scheduled and the promotion is adjusted to the right time; you might even spend less to create awareness of the song. 

In releasing and promoting a single track; 

“it is important to practice the art of patience in the midst of your persistence. Because you can’t release the song twice. So you must ensure that the timing is right so you can have the best of results from your efforts in promoting it.” 

After The Single Track Has Been Released And Promotion is Ongoing

Intelligently Invoking Emotions;

Another strategy is creating an emotional attachment to it. Teni got more listens for “Uyo Meyo” because of the publicity that she wrote the song for her late father. D’banj’s “Everything is ok” single track got more attention because he said it was in memory of his late baby and to celebrate the newborn child he just had. Those are emotional stories that appeal to the audience and lead to those songs topping charts.  

Graphics/Artworks Grid;

You could create new graphics or artwork for the song and divide it into smaller pictures. A part of the artwork is released each day and by the time you release the last part of the divided artwork or graphics; the complete image shows in the form of a grid. 

“The purpose is to find a different way to get people to respond to buying, streaming, or downloading the song while you are running other paid promotions.”


Dance, artworks, graphics, short video content, etc competitions can be organised in relation to the single track. The winners are awarded in cash or kind like being featured in your music video, privileged to a free Studio session, lunch meet, or as simple as vests or a copy/free download of your forthcoming album or EP. 

Additionally, a lyric video or animation can be produced for the song on YouTube. Like the ones created for some of Joeboy’s songs.

Many upcoming artists believe radio stations can help in promoting their single track. But most cannot afford to pay for such. You can consider your University radio station or online podcasts from one or more of your friends. 


Artists in record labels are not totally free from the work put into releasing and promoting their single track. So, you are not going to have it easy if you are an upcoming artist managing your growing career or passion off your savings. 

Irrespective of how much you have or don’t have, remember that the success of your single track starts from the display of mastery on the song, your team’s competence, and capability. Also, the level preparation in marketing planning and general strategy. 

Have you released and successfully promoted a song. Kindly share in the comment section the different strategies utilised. 

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