Oops! Things You Didn’t Know About Eps

What you know already is that EP is short for Extended play. And mostly, when EPs are mentioned, LPs which is an abbreviation for Long Plays are brought into the discussion.

The music industry around the world in 2019 was the year of amazing EPs.

Last year, globally, musicians supplied mind-blowing melodies with compositions strategically placed on the best beats. Some of these mind-boggling EPs are still making waves and topping charts locally and internationally. 

Many upcoming and buzzing artists around the world have started to give EP much more consideration than the LPs. Why? Well, EPs do not have more than three songs on the lowest limit and six songs on the maximum.

EPs do not require as much time to create like LPs. Because Extended Plays are not made up of as many songs as the other. EPs are larger and durable than a single due to the number of songs an artist puts in an EP.

Which is why it is called: Extended Play. The attention EPs are getting by emerging and widely acclaimed artists is not surprising. Besides, EPs are not as expensive as Albums. 

Many in the music industry still believe that EPs are simply glorified versions of a single track.

For example, iTunes will classify one to three songs that are less or not more than 30minutes as singles. Spotify group your songs as singles if they are less than 30minutes and less or not more than three tracks.

So, these two online music exchange platforms start to consider your songs as EPs when it extends beyond 3 to 4 minimum-6 tracks maximum. Playtime should be less than 30minutes.

Unlike Spotify, iTunes would even consider your single or 1-3 tracks as an EP if the listening time of one or more of the song is up to ten minutes. 

Therefore even beyond the number of tracks, it is universally believed that an EP should have; many of the online music selling platforms still judge your tracks as single rather than Ep based on the number of tracks and length of time it takes to listen to one of the songs. Or the total time to takes to ear the who tracks.  

Upcoming artists have more to benefit from the power of EPs because we are in an era of online streamings and downloads. And if you presently have little or inadequate resources to make seven to infinite tracks more than 30 minutes long as you desire to sustain the attention of your fans who created so much buzz for you after your first and second, … singles “that were hit back to back”.

Then EP is the best alternative marketing and fans retaining strategy. So, you could decide to release an EP before your album and then follow it up with one to three songs in an EP or single track after the album has been released. EPs help you as an artist to remain relevant and gives the fans the perception of persistence which also helps you in controlling their loyalty. 

What is an EP? It is a way of offering your fans more by giving the best in music production and composition via three to six tracks that are not more than 30 minutes long. It has the power to increase your popularity and reputation over time. As it also helps you manage the stress that comes with touring, paparazzi, and making long play albums. When you can mix quality with the extended quantity of singles that EPs allow you; it increases the level of faith your fans will develop for your constant competence. 

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