Setting Up An Affordable Home Recording Studio

Advancement in technology has made it possible for creative minds to make a whole lot of things happen. Now it’s easier to create your own music videos and host online live concerts because of the smartphones you own. 

Similarly, based on competition among firms and the entry of more new companies in the technological sector, many music devices, software, and facilities have become affordable. Inclusively, with a reasonable budget, a whole of things have become less difficult and inexpensive to achieve. 

One of such is the organization and arrangement of an affordable home music studio. 

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Again, yes; you can make a home music studio on a low budget. Nonetheless, most times; 

“…it is not how low your budget is that matters but how skillful and talented you are in using, managing, and exploiting the full capacity of the grade of equipment and facilities in your home studio.”

You can request from us contacts of people who have created close to professional music with the aid of their smartphones, earphones, and mobile phone music software. It was all about: skill and passion.

The fact remains that you won’t always have the best of the best. So the level of skill you possess in using the music production software and equipment available at your disposal is a golden factor and not the money you have to invest. 

It’s not a crime to get a friend or contract an individual with the music production skills that you can afford to pay for. You set him the home music studio and sing while the sound or music producer you contracted helps with the technical in and outs.

Besides when you have the best of the best without a capable hand, the quality gadgets or state of the art home music studio is nothing more than a trend and waste of valuable finances. 

Better still, you can also learn music production after establishing your home music studio. But understand the role of quality and skill in utilization and management. 

In terms of finances, #100,000 – #600,000 should be enough to create a home studio of your taste with basic gadgets.

Below are the things you need and how to select them. You will also discover the truths and lies surrounding each one.

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Music Studio gadgets

It’s obvious that location won’t be a problem. Since you have decided on having a home studio. Therefore, the next thing is to list the basic gadgets to fill the space with. 


from contact with people who have used their phones for recording and mixing- they recommend that possessing a computer system for music production is better and less stressful. Besides, setting up an affordable home studio means you will do more computer recording.

“Still, it is important to mention that working on a restricted budget doesn’t mean buying outdated and “overused second-hand PCs”. 

Your computer is the CEO of your Home Music Studio. It controls the operations of the other gadgets. So you can consider spending a more reasonable amount of your low budget on one because you cannot run a home music studio without a computer which is the CPU of your home music lab. 

However, don’t get lost in the different suggestions about which brand or type of computer you should get. While there are laptops, PCs, desktops, and even Macs ( which most people recommend); the important thing is to go with the one that doesn’t make the process complicated for you.

The computer you buy or use should be one you can afford moderately from your low budget or are accustomed to. 

You can make do with what you already own as long as it has adequate space or RAM. It should also be one that can accommodate the DAWs that you would need.

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Digital Audio Workstation (DAW);

the type of system you decide to use determines the options of DAW at your disposal because there are DAWS that work on Mac and do not work on PCs. There is other software that works on both types of systems. 

So your choice of DAW is guided by your choice of the computer system. 

DAW comes in the form of an electronic device or software that is used in music recording, producing, and editing. It comes in different kinds but the variety that you would need for your computer recording is the mono software program. The mono software program can be used with your laptop for your music production and mixing- it is the best choice since you are working on a low budget. 

Fruity loops and Apple’s Logic are some of the common DAWs. 

Forget the marketing strategies used for selling most of the DAWs. No one has more audio quality than the other. What matters is how comfortable you are using the different features of each DAW. 

Audio Interface;

if you are not going to be relying on instrumentals then you will need an audio interface. It allows you to send in sounds from your voice and musical instruments such as the guitar,… into the DAW on your computer for recording. 

The audio interface lets you connect to the monitor (a.k.a speakers). 

Standard microphones;

like every other component that has been mentioned- the microphone is a great part of music production, mixing, and recordings. It is hard to find the image of a music studio without seeing the microphone elegantly and uniquely captured. That’s how important it is even when it has less weight compared to your computer or monitors. 

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Among the three types of microphones, the dynamic and condenser variety are more popular both in demands and usage. The dynamic microphones are favored by many because they are very efficient for stage performance or recordings. But the condenser microphones are the type you should consider buying because it is less expensive.  

You should have not more than one microphone if you are working alone. 

Avoid classic brand mics and mics that are specifically made for certain styles or purposes as those ones are more expensive. 


In the music world, these are your speakers. Since you are on a low budget, the speakers don’t have to be bigger than the space you have to contain. Sometimes, big speakers are more expensive. So before buying these items, ask friends and families if they could let you use their other computer or speakers in your home music studio. 

You could be lucky to get someone to loan you some of these gadgets for at least three years till you get yours and you might be lucky they are willing to give you without return. When you are fortunate to get someone to borrow or “dash (give you totally”) their laptops and speakers, you will simply have to worry about the remaining items. 

Although you still have to make sure that the items you are borrowing or “dashed” will effectively serve the purpose of aiding the production of quality music from your studio. 

So, there you have it. The basic tools you need to set up your home music studio without going broke or running out of your mind. 

More importantly, it is important to do your research as some of these pieces of information change at the rise of each day.

Also, in terms of pricing; it is important to check different online and offline stores because the prices cannot always be the same and it gives you an option instead of just buying what you see. 

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